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Promo 2020 CD


We made a SAWA 2020 Promo CD with some of the bands that were supposed to play at the festival. This is our way to still share their music with you. On top of that, it's for a good cause.


Kijamet - Kako
Reflections - Questions
No Trivia Peddlers - Malo Dobrih Ljudi
Sv. Pseta - Шаке пуне сена, џепови пуни сламе
Bednja - Posljednji Krik
Nailed In - Choose your weapons
Pakt - Foad
Crippled Fox - Just ride your board
Bronze - Human Zoo
Sentence - Avalanche
Shoplifters - Wrong
⇢ Shoplifters - Secret free world
⇢ Bronze - Blind Servant
⇢ Bronze - Disease
⇢ Sentence - Where does it end?
⇢ Sentence - Stand up
⇢ Bednja - Tišina je smrt
⇢ Crippled Fox - Crossover is thrashcore
⇢ Crippled Fox - Thrash yourself
⇢ Pakt - Moja služba, moj grob
⇢ Pakt - Toxic human shit
⇢ Nailed In - End of my rope
⇢ Nailed In - Bad bargain
⇢ No Trivia Peddlers - Trivia Peddlers
⇢ No Trivia Peddlers - Lopovi Vremena
⇢ Kijamet - Nadam se
⇢ Kijamet - Informacije
⇢ Reflections - Leave it
⇢ Reflections - The Lightless Sky
⇢ Sv. Pseta - Ја сам човек сенке.
⇢ Sv.Pseta - Како си? Добро сам.

All funds received from sold CDs will be donated to a few organizations in need. Check them out.

Donations will be publicly available to the hardcore punk community and everyone buying our merch in order to ensure full transparency. We haven't been able to organize the festival this year and therefore not asking for donations of any kind for ourselves. Instead, this is our way to say thank you to those making the world a truly better place.


NOTE: If you see something you like and it's out of stock, please get in touch over the e-mail and maybe we can figure out something or do the reprint.