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Crustoslav (2020 T-Shirt)


Custom sewn T-shirts (no corporate labels on them) in a small family fabric. Please choose in the dropdown above which size you prefer and look for the spec below in case you are interested to learn more:

⇢ T-Shirt colour: Black (100% cotton)
⇢ T-Shirt sizes: S-XXL (male) and S-M (female)
⇢ Water-based inks: White, Gray, Salmon (washed-out red)


The river creature design doesn't have any special meaning, besides that we thought it would look cool to recreate one of the mythical water creatures sitting on the dock with speakers and grapevine behind it. It's calling you to come to the dark side and listen to some noisy tunes!

After covering raw materials and screenprinting costs, all funds received from sold T-Shirts will be donated to a few organizations in need. Check them out.

Donations will be publicly available to the hardcore punk community and everyone buying our merch in order to ensure full transparency. We haven't been able to organize the festival this year and therefore not asking for donations of any kind for ourselves. Instead, this is our way to say thank you to those making the world a truly better place.


NOTE: If you see something you like and it's out of stock, please get in touch over the e-mail and maybe we can figure out something or do the reprint.