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From July 2020 to July 2021 we have collected through our shop, sold merchandise "profit", donation boxes and individual donations the total amount of ✊ 1.407,94 EUR (10.547,43 HRK) that we were able to give others.

We decided to make all donations publicly available to the hardcore punk community and everyone buying our merch, in order to ensure full transparency.  Since we haven't been able to organize the festival during these two pandemic years, we do not ask for donations of any kind for ourselves or the activities we are doing. Instead, this is our way to say thank you to those making the world a truly better place and those who need our assistance most in these tough times. Funds are donated to the following organizations and individuals in no particular order:

★ xYUGOx ★

Let's make docu movies together!

xYUGOx is a docu-series, about the hardcore punk Straight Edge scene in the ex Yugoslavian countries. It’s about Edge, veganism, sexism, nationalism, attitudes, opinions, concerts, bands, and all things in between we often do not talk on the scene as much as we should. However, it is even more than that - a kind of movement, awakening and story about the punk scene and everything that revolves around it. A series that breaks down stereotypes about punks and Straight Edge people. A series that encourages you to think with your head, to take a stand for yourself and your views, not be afraid to bring them up, and it's okay to say NO to some things. Pavle, you are doing an amazing job on the scene, we love you! 

★ Belgrade indoor mini ramp ★

Building an indoor skate park together!

As in many other cities around the Balkans, many young people are struggling with alternative places, especially for underground activities. The rough weather during the autumn and wintertime makes it even harder for skate punx because there are no indoor places made for skateboarders. We are super happy to help build a safe place for youth gathering and exchanges of ideas where they can be expanded beyond skateboarding into healthcare, solidarity and mutual help through action sports. People of "Samit Nesvrstanih" - we need more initiatives like yours so keep on spreading the sickness! 

★ Ljudi iz podzemlja ★

One of the best regional hc punk podcasts!

Since 2017 and with more than 160 podcast shows, "Ljudi iz podzemlja/People from the underground" is one of the best sources of news both from local and regional as well as international hardcore and punk rock scene. We're active subscribers and encourage you to give a small monthly donation (the lowest tier is 5 EUR) to keep the show alive and running. Migelito, thanks a lot for making an ongoing effort with keeping the show running and keep on rockin'! 

★ No Name Kitchen ★

Helping refugees on the move through the Balkan region

Over the years, NNK provided thousands of meals to the refugees, but also supplied them with clothes, used mobile phones and even with medical care. No Name Kitchen is not stopping on just the volunteering part, they are also activists and journalists trying to spread the word about Balkan border violence and, at this time, mostly about inhumane pushbacks from the Croatian government and police. There's not much about this in Croatian newspapers, so all the resources provided by the NKK and partner organizations are worthwhile reading, following and sharing with those who can help in the current situation. No borders, no nations - free movement for all! Thank you NNK volunteers for the inspiring and extremely valuable activities you are doing for society. We still have 2021 calendars available, get in touch if you would like to get your copy.  

★ Udruga Pobjede Osijek ★

True fighters for animal rights

One of the best organized and most passionate volunteering crew helping our dear and beloved animal friends. We have been supporting and collaborating together for many years so far and will continue in the future as well. If you are in near of Osijek, they would really benefit if you can help and at least take dogs for a short walk around the asylum. Also, dogs would be grateful and super pumped to hang out with you. In case you want 2021 calendars of theirs - we have them available on a donation basis, so get in touch as well.  

★ Rebuilding Nigdjezemska ★

Alternative space for punx and outcasts

The socio-cultural center "Nigdjezemska" is a project of the civic initiative gathered around a former boiler room and canteen in Zadar and they have been running autonomous alternative space for the past 10 years. They act and cooperate on the "Do It Yourself" principles of cooperation and solidarity while striving for self-sustainability which is even harder to do in the past 2 years than ever before. We are happy to be able to support the renovation of the decayed roof of the building to ensure smooth sailing for the future autonomous activities on the Adriatic coast for many years to come. 

★ Red Cross Petrinja ★

Assistance for people affected by the earthquake

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck near Petrinja, Croatia, about 30 miles southeast of the capital of Zagreb, on December 29, 2020. This was the largest earthquake to occur in Croatia since the advent of modern seismic instruments. This event is the largest onshore earthquake rupture in Central Europe since the M 6.5 Norcia earthquake occurred in 2016. which killed 299 persons and 4,500 became homeless. The earthquake has been felt all around the region in multiple countries and had a broad impact due to the Petrinja town being heavily damaged, the fear of potential aftershocks, the current pandemic situation and the winter weather condition in Central Europe was a stressful and complex time for everyone living in the area.

Our small donation couldn't change much for inhabitants unfortunately, but we wanted to ease the pain and suffering caused by the earthquake and we are also super happy to see many punx from the scene directly volunteering and helping on the ground. The punk scene was and will always be about solidarity and we are showing it worldwide on a daily basis. Up the punx!

★ A young family from Dubranec ★

Helping to rebuild home after the 6.4 earthquake

Since we are always unsure where the donated money goes if the organization is supporting multiple projects (such as Red Cross Croatia), we wanted to take some direct action and support two campaigns from the Petrinja region hit by one of the biggest earthquakes on the Balkans in the recent history. One of them is a young family gathered around permacultural association ZMAG, which is very active in organizing activities such as workshops in nature, education for children and adults, retreats, music sessions and conscious dance. They already made permaculture redesign of village school's yard with herbal spiral and do not plan to stop even after the earthquake and this is the true passion we like to see and support. Stay strong Nikolina and the family! 

★ Udruga Farmica Nasice ★

Rescuing animals from the earthquake-hit area

Another project we supported directly was rescuing animals from the area that was hit by the earthquake in Petrinja. Association "Farmica" has organized transportation from Župić village to Nasice for a cow and few pigs rescued in the mission. Besides transportation costs, they needed assistance in rebuilding their land and shelter for animals, so our donation went for buying construction materials after which a new, bigger shelter for animals has been build by volunteers from Nasice and Osijek. Kudos to the initiative! 

★ Beating Myocarditis ★

Where every cent matters and saving lives

With more than 15 Croatian doctors spread all around the country and many more to visit internationally, Zrinka needs our collective help to raise funds to fight her myocarditis. She is running out of scientific options in Croatia and the region, but not losing hope and fighting this battle for a few years already. She even reached out to her University so they can help translate the numerous papers about her illness in order for her to search for international help and more experienced doctors. This is really the donation that makes your heart pump and if any doubt, please donate as well since every cent will make a huge difference. Zrinka, you are not in this alone! Keep it up!

★ Fluff Fest Activism ★

Support Refugees with Fluff Fest 2021

One of our favorite festivals - Fluff from Rokycany is once again trying to raise some money to help non-profit organizations helping in Balkan refugee camps. We supported the same campaign in 2020, but due to the 2021 cancellation - the Fluff crew is continuing with collecting funds for the same cause second year in a row. The Fluff was always meant to raise some funds for non-profits and we want to keep that tradition even in pandemics. And it is maybe even more important now. The donations we placed went directly to "Pomáháme lidem na útěku" (Czech Refugee Help) accounts and they distribute it to other non-profits of their trust. When punk festivals unite, amazing things could happen - join us!

★ Udruzenje Spans Novi Sad ★

Another struggle, another association for animal protection!

We often consider Novi Sad as our second home. Love the scene there although they are supercritical about their work and tend to say that anywhere is better than in Novi Sad. Well, we disagree. Following two donations we made goes directly to two organizations in Novi Sad, one of them taking care of animals and in need for covering debt for providing food, care and veterinary costs. We would hate to see them stopping with their activities so go and support them if you can in any way directly as well to keep making Novi Sad full of love. Span volunteers, we need more people like you - don't give up!

★ Make CK13 even louder ★

Fundraising to become and stay independent

Since its founding in 2007., CK13 has been working for the people, not the profit. The thing we take close by our hearts as well and this is our second donation to Novi Sad. It became home to the alternative and underground community in Novi Sad, but also a place for the hardcore punk communities all around the Balkan to meet and express their values as well as play shows, do the exhibitions, projections and much more. It is also a safe place for marginalized groups, providing support to many misfits and to all those engaged with alternative art, culture, and activism, to freely express themselves and their work. Last year, CK13 and its community were left without audio equipment and with this campaign CK13 once again is showing how strong punk rock and alternative community can be in tough times. CK13 crew, we will always be pumped to visit and help in any way possible - keep it loud and clear for many years to come! 

★ For my family, for my friends ★

Assisting awesome individual to ease the hard work

Another individual contribution. As much as we need to keep the scene alive, we need to take care of each other and humans that make a huge difference. One of them is Mirna, who is taking care of five foster dogs living in her home who, due to their poor condition, need frequent veterinary care and special food.  In her own words - the option of leaving them so sick on the street is not a possibility. Every day she has expenses for hygiene supplies (wet wipes, paper towels, alcohol, creams, gloves), expenses for medicines, food supplements, taxi, etc. In addition to that, Mirna is an awesome daughter taking 24-hour care for her mom, which is the main reason why she cannot be employed at the moment and therefore she has no income. Even if all of us donate a few euros, she would still be struggling but together we can make lives easier and more respectful. Help in any way possible if you can, since Mirna will never give up on being an awesome human being and should be treated as such. Punx, unite! 


More to be published in the coming months as we continue with donations in 2021/2022...




The idea around SAWA started back in 2009 when we did our first open-air festival in Zupanja, Croatia. Since then, more than 130 different hardcore punk bands from all around the world played in our little town on the festival, and at least twice as much in the Multicultural Centar venue throughout all these years on hundereds of different gigs. As we grew as a punk rock community, we quickly realized that our little gathering is more than just music.

Because of this whole pandemic situation and canceled tours, shows and festivals in 2020 and 2021 - the time has come to show compassion and solidarity with those in need.

That's why we decided to create a merch store for the first time, in order to raise funds for a few different organizations which we believe in. We invite you to go through the merch items and if you find something you like, be sure that the funds you pay for it are and will be directly donated to the organizations below and that we do not intend to keep anything for ourselves.

The festival is not happening in 2020 and 2021, but SAWA continues in a different way. Hop on board and let's do this together and hopefully, we'll be able to gather in 2022 again!


We encourage you to support above projects and individuals directly as well and making a promise that we will continue with selling merchandise and collecting donations in 2021/2022 as well. Every donation can be tracked on one of the platforms organizations and individuals are using for fundraising or checking with them directly in case od bank transfers. We are not providing empty words here, but rather direct action and hopefully making a small difference in the region. Join us in solidarty action! 

In case you have idea or a project you would like to collaborate with us - drop us a line at sickasweare@gmail.com