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The idea around SAWA started back in 2009 when we did our first open-air festival in Zupanja, Croatia. Since then, more than 130 different bands from all around the world played in our little town on the festival, and at least twice as much in the Multicultural Centar venue throughout all these years.

As we grew as a punk rock community, we quickly realized that our little gathering is more than just music. Because of this whole pandemic situation and canceled tours, shows and festivals in 2020 - the time has come to show compassion and solidarity with those in need.

That's why we decided to create a merch store for the first time, in order to raise funds for a few different organizations which we believe in. We invite you to go through the merch items and if you find something you like, be sure that the funds you pay for it will be directly donated to the organizations below and that we do not intend to keep anything for ourselves.

The festival is canceled, but SAWA continues in a different way. Hop on board and let's do this together!



As already mentioned, 100% of the funds received from sold merchandise will be donated to these three organizations evenly, after covering raw expenses (such as textile, paper, painting inks, etc.):


NGO helping refugees on the Balkan route

No Name Kitchen (NNK) is an NGO comprised of volunteers from several countries with their activities in Šid, Serbia (5km away from the Croatian border), Velika Kladuša, Bosnia (2km away from Croatia) and in Patras, Greece.

Back in 2017 NNK's driving forces were to provide food and kitchen resources in order to cover the basic needs of all the refugees who lived in the old barracks and was in desperate need of help. Over the years, NNK provided thousands of meals to the refugees, but also supplied them with clothes, used mobile phones and even with medical care.

No Name Kitchen is not stopping on just the volunteering part, they are also activists and journalists trying to spread the word about Balkan border violence and, at this time, mostly about inhumane pushbacks from Croatian government and police. There's not much about this in Croatian newspapers, so all the resources provided by the NKK and partner organizations are worthwhile reading, following and sharing with those who can help in the current situation.

By buying one of the merch items based on the "Festwagon" design, you will be directly donating 100% of the funds (after the printing cost) to NNK volunteers, in order to ease the lives of refugees on the Balkan route at least a little bit with food and some basic supplies.

Learn more at No Name Kitchen website.


DIY venue for independent culture


Discont DIY is a self-organized venue for promoting the independent culture scene from Sombor, Serbia. These guys are our dear friends and even as a young cultural space, we always keep getting back to it. It's a good example of true DIY spirit and doing awesome things in small cities. That's why we would hate to lose it, since the guys are struggling to pay the rent while not having any program during the pandemic.


We're all in this together - if one autonomous space goes down, the whole scene is feeling it, so let's help keep spreading a positive message through Discont DIY! If you buy anything with the "Crustoslav" design, we'll be donating all the funds directly to the folks behind the Discont DIY place.


Learn more at Discont DIY page.

EDIT: Unforuntately, Discont DIY had to decide to close the doors for a time being. Instead, we will be donating money to the organization of their choosing in case they don't find another venue in the meantime.


Small crew of volounteers providing for animals


Although without their own space, these volunteers are very well organized in taking care of animal welfare and protection. There are more and more animal rescue and shelter centers in the region and unfortunately, if they don't get proper financial support, they end up being unable to provide basic needs such as food and vet costs.


Even though our donation will not be enough to provide them with their own space, we hope it will help this small group of volunteers to continue being able to help our little friends to get well and be taken care of in a good way.


Learn more at Dog shelter Rocco page.



All the donations will be publicly available to the hardcore punk community and everyone buying our merch, in order to ensure full transparency.

We haven't been able to organize the festival this year and therefore not asking for donations of any kind for ourselves. Instead, this is our way to say thank you to those making the world a truly better place.